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Canberra Rally: RSPCA - Where is the justice?

ALACT outraged at dropping of charges against Wally's Piggery operators

On Monday 17 November 2014 all animal cruelty charges against the operators of Wally's Piggery were dropped by RSPCA NSW

Animal Liberation ACT is appalled by the withdrawal of the case against Wally and Stephanie Perenc, the operators of Wally's Piggery.  The deplorable conditions in this piggery just outside Canberra were brought to light in August 2012. General community outrage was expressed across the nation.  Almost a year to the day after Animal Liberation's investigation into this travesty of a 'farm' was released, the RSPCA NSW laid 53 charges against the operators, including 12 counts of alleged aggravated animal cruelty.  The full horror of the conditions in which the poor animals lived and died in the piggery can be seen on Australian Pig Farming: The Inside Story.

Now, more than 2 years after the initial investigation, RSPCA NSW has revealed that it has dropped ALL charges against the piggery operators.  No compelling reason for dropping the charges has been provided by the animal welfare organisation.  Indeed, for most of its brief statement about the dismissal of the case it blamed the very activists who brought the case to light.  Without these activists, there is little doubt the operators of Wally's Piggery would be still be farming pigs today. Now, thanks to the dismissal of the case, they can do so again. 

This is a catastrophic failure of the legal system to protect the most vulnerable and exploited beings in our society: farmed animals.Wallys pig-396

A scene inside Wally's Piggery, 2012 (


WHY: To hold the RSPCA accountable for dropping the charges against Wally's Piggery

WHEN: Saturday, 13 December, 1pm

WHERE: Garema Place, Civic

Please bring signs, posters, banners to raise public awareness.

It will be a hot day so make sure you have sun protection and cold drinks will be available.

Get the word out about the Canberra & Sydney rallys by distributing Patrick Duthie Art's flyer available here - just print, cut in half and hand out or stick up somewhere in your area!

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