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ALACT condemns government shooting of protected wildlife


The ACT Government has announcedthat it will start shooting up to 2,000 kangaros in Canberra's urban nature reserves until 31 July 2016. The Government is so bereft of 'urban wildlife' management ideas that its first resort is to the gun. The ACT is supposed to be a 'smart' jurisdiction, yet it resorts to a brutal, lethal method of interacting with highly intelligent and sophisticated native animals.

Many in the community do not accept this barbaric treatment. Animal Liberation ACT utterly condemns it.

And we will speak out against it.

We will be out again this year in defence of the kangaroos. It will be hard and cold, but we have great camaraderie and team work, the stars are amazing, the moon will be there in all her glory, and we get to see the wildlife (kangaroos, foxes, owls, bats and so on as night time is their day time).

This work is crucial. Bit-by-bit we are rattling cages and the recent criminalisation of this dissent (activists in court) is a prime example of the effect we are having.

Contact us if you would like to help out: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

And if you would like to use the above image as a hand-out to raise awareness about the cruel killings, see here for instructions:

Thank you.


Sick of the cruelty inherent in the greyhound racing industry?

Want to stop $1million of ACT taxpayers' money going to this appalling activity every year?

Then download our petition to ban greyhound racing in the ACT, gather some signatures, and return the signed pages to ALACT so we can present them to the Minister.

Our petition to ban greyound racing in the ACT is available here.

Greyhound rally 7 Feb 16 IMG 8198


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