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Animal Liberation ACT standing up for the Territory's kangaroos

This month the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal decided to uphold the ACT Government's decision to grant licences to kill more than 1,600 healthy kangaroos, plus an unknown number of joeys, in Canberra’s nature reserves over the next 2 months.
Animal Liberation ACT gave a voice to the ACT’s kangaroos by challenging the Government’s killing program. The start of the annual kangaroo kill was delayed after we successfully obtained an injunction in the Tribunal on 14 May 2014.
The main hearing broke new ground on several fronts.  For the first time serious animal welfare issues associated with the culls was raised.  Evidence relating to the unintended mortality of young at-foot joeys was presented to the Tribunal by lawyers representing Animal Liberation ACT. Serious flaws in the government processes behind the cull were also exposed.  Despite these glaring faults, the Tribunal upheld the decision to grant the licences to kill.

The decision confirmed the very low standard in terms of animal welfare, scientific evaluation and administrative processes that the ACT has accepted for these government sanctioned kills.Possumwood IMG 0753

Click here for Animal Liberation ACT's media release about the decision.
Click here for Animal Liberation ACT's media release about the hearing.

An at-foot joey - part of the 'ghost population' of hundreds
of joeys killed in Canberra's annual kangaroo cull

See media about the case:

Protecting wildlife in the A.C.T 

Animal Liberation ACT is opposed to the inhumane killing of perfectly healthy wildlife, including Eastern Grey Kangaroos.  Animal Liberation ACT is not responsible for, and has never claimed responsibility for, vandalism to any government property. Our focus is and always has been on the animals in the nature reserves - not on inanimate objects.

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Kangaroo hugs for the ACT's tireless kangaroo defenders

See more about kangaroos, including non-lethal alternatives to the culls, here.

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