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General Meeting
Rm 9, Lvl 2, Griffin Centre
Genge Street, Civic, ACT
Thursday, 30 March 2017
6-7pm - all welcome & free
vegan refreshments available!


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March to close all slaughterhouses!

If you want to see an end to animal cruelty and slaughter,
come along!

Slaughterhouse march

Meet at  the Fountain outside the Canberra Centre in Civic at 11AM.

Wear red!

Bring a sign!

Enjoy a free cruelty-free sausage after the march!

Animal Liberation ACT condemns ACT Government's
Trump-like executive order
to strip kangaroos of protection

Read our media release about why the Government's declaration turning kangaroos from protected fauna into pests is such a concern not just for kangaroos, but for all native animals, and for our democratic rights to make governments accountable for their decisions!
Our media release is available here.

kangaroo and joey

Activists urge shoppers

to have a compassionate Christmas

Disruption 2016 DSCN7208 2

For the full story, see:

Turkeys rescued 
to show the shocking reality of turkey farming in Australia

Christmas compassion FB post - until all are free

For the full story, see:



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