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Thursday 24 April 2014
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The Canberra Club
Level 1, 45 West Row


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Support Animal Liberation ACT by having a cupcake
(or 3!) at the Veganarchy pop-up store for the
You Are Here Festival

You've still got until 23 March 2014 to sample some of Canberra's best cruelty-free baking at the Veganarchy pop-up store during this year's You Are Here Festival - a curated festival which showcases the best of Canberra's diverse independent and experimental arts and culture.
50% of proceeds taken at the Veganarchy pop-up store will be split between six charities, including Animal Liberation ACT!
What better way to support us than tucking into scrumptious vegan chocolate choc chip muffins, jam donut cupcakes, walnut brownies, or raspberry coconut slices!?!
Check out the Veganarchy pop-up store at the The Money Bin (in Civic near the Labor Club, the merry-go-round, Smoque & Cube) until Friday 21 March, from 12:30-2pm. 
For more information, including weekend dates and times, go to:
Thanks for your support Veganarchy!!
Photo: All set up! Stop in to the Money Bin, eat your lunch while enjoying the Lunchbox Listening Session & grab a treat for afternoon tea. Xx

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