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Escape the Race! 2013

Escape the Race 2013 IMG 3769Animal Liberation ACT held an "Escape the Race!" picnic as an alternative to the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 5 November 2013 from 1-3.30pm at Glebe Park in Civic.

 A free vegan sausage sizzle/BBQ picnic was provided. 

Escape the Race 2013 IMG 3776

Who needs a fascinator when a(n empty!) box of Linda McCartney vegan sausages will do the trick?! 


Escape the Race IMG 3771

 A Sweet Bones vegan cake even made a (short-lived) appearance.




RIP Verema.

MelbCup 2013 - VeremaOn a much sadder noteif anyone needed reminding of the cruelty involved in the horse racing industrybeautiful horse Verema snapped her leg during the race and was later killed. MelbCup 2013 Verema put down


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