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Every year the global leather industry slaughters more than one billion animals for their skins. Leather commonly comes from cattle and calves, and from other animals who are slaughtered for meat such as horses, sheep, lambs, goats, and pigs. Wild animals are also hunted for their skins. Kangaroos can also be commercially shot purely for their skins in Western Australia and Queensland (skin-only commercial hunting is banned in other Australian jurisdictions). Other species hunted worldwide for their skins include zebras, boars, elephants, crocodiles, and lizards. In some countries, cows are sold at auction and then forced to walk extremely long distances to arrive at the transport slaughter trucks. After experiencing a long walk they are then transported in a crowded truck for further lengthy distances. The animals then suffer a gruesome death where their feet are bound together and their throats cut.

Leather is cruel – don’t buy into it. There are plenty of non-leather alternatives available. For more information on the welfare issues about the leather industry visit



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